Faith in Lancaster

Local interfaith group promoting harmony through diversity

Please join us for our December event focussing on

Candles and Light

This will be held on

Thursday 14th December 2017

Time : 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Where: Room 1, Friends Meeting House, Meeting House Lane, Lancaster

We wanted to choose a theme that was associated with the season of goodwill to all men (and women!) and yet was not exclusively Christian. Hopefully all faiths make use of Candles and Light within their ceremonies at this time of year so if you could find something to discuss and share with us along these lines that would be wonderful. If not, then just bring yourself along and be prepared to join in the discussions of others.

Hope you can join us.

As usual Teas and other Hot Drinks will be available and Donations will be accepted towards the cost of the room.

Come and join us to discuss the influence that light has had on your life and listen to others share their experiences from around the world.

Please join us for our special event celebrating Interfaith Week

How do Fairshare products help?

This will be held on

Thursday 16th November 2017

Time : 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Where: Room 1, Friends Meeting House, Meeting House Lane, Lancaster

We are very fortunate in having our guest speaker, Arton Medd, giving a presentation about the concept of Fairshare products to help us all understand how this brings benefits to third world communities.

Hope you can join us and bring some Fairshare food to share?


Faith and Sacred Texts

Please do join us for our October Faithshare on

Tuesday 24th October 7:30pm – 9:00pm

in the William Stout Room, Friends Meeting House. Meeting House Lane Lancaster

The subject under discussion during this meeting will be “Faith and Sacred Texts”.

Please bring along a favourite reading from one of your own tradition’s sacred texts to share with the group. It may also be interesting to share your own personal views of where Sacred Texts have come from and how that affects your understanding of their importance.

If you have any other ideas you wish to share about Sacred Texts please share them with us.

We look forward to seeing you – even if this is your first time!

Teas and Coffees will be provided and donation will be sought to cover the cost of the room hire.

Please join us for our Faithshare meeting at :-

7:30pm – 9:00pm

in Room 2, Friends Meeting House, Meeting House Lane, Lancaster

The subject this month will be

Faith and Art

How does sacred art affect your understanding of religious texts?

Come and share your own experiences of this with us.

Refreshments will be available and opportunity will be provided for you to donate something towards the cost of the room hire.

AGM 2017

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Faith in Lancaster Annual General Meeting – Tuesday 4th July, 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm, in the William Stout Room, Quaker Meeting House, Lancaster.

(Please click on the poster image above for a full size pdf file to download)

There will of course be the usual, but very important business of an AGM – reports from the Chair on FiL activities over the past 12 months, the Treasurer’s report and a summary of Faithshares held, plus the important election (or re-election) of officers (Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) and other members of the FiL committee. Please do consider standing as a committee member and helping Faith in Lancaster develop and grow in vibrancy and as a useful contributor to our local community.

There will also be a short presentation by Gail Capstick and the Transition Approaches to Death and Dying group from Transition City Lancaster on the choices we face in arranging for a funeral and how environmentally-friendly these different choices are.

Additionally we shall be holding an exhibition of art from the work of local artist Hilary Devereux, who will also be singing some devotional music, accompanying herself on her harmonium.

We are hoping we may also have some music by performers from other faith traditions. As always, of course, there will be light refreshments to enjoy during informal social time too!

Our next Faithshare will be on

Monday 12th June

Starting at 7.30 p.m

In Room 1, Quaker Meeting House, Lancaster, LA1 1TX

Our theme for this Faithshare is:

“Exploring Faith Through Reading (and Writing?) Novels, Poetry and Plays”

Janet Reeves, whose reflections on reading and writing fiction inspired this theme has suggested these thoughts about the theme

“When reading novels, plays or poetry we engage intimately with the author’s thoughts. Through the scenarios and characters created we share the writer’s exploration into the deep experiences and ultimate concerns of life. They may affirm our own Faith; challenge it; or introduce us to different Faiths and ways of making sense of the world in which we live. Please, join us, as we share works of literature which have led us to a deeper enjoyment and understanding of the mysteries of life and influenced our faith.”

As always, you may wish to share a short reading of a poem or passage from a piece of fictional writing that has affected your faith in some way; or simply reflect upon literature that has done so. No one is expected to `prepare’ something to `present’ or to speak; and you may prefer to share silently the exploration and celebration of the theme from the perspectives of our different faiths in a respectful, safe and friendly environment.

Faithshare 18th May

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Our next Faithshare will be on

Thursday 18th May

Starting at 7.30 p.m

In Room 1,

Quaker Meeting House, Lancaster, LA1 1TX

The theme chosen is “Does Faith require an Understanding of God”, a title which invites reflection upon our own individual and our different faith traditions’ approaches to the theme. What does `faith’ mean to us? What do we mean by an `understanding’ – is it possible for humans to even presume an `understanding’ of God? And does our faith require a `God’? (not all faith traditions do).

As always, you may wish to share a short reading, perhaps a prayer or a reflection from your faith tradition; or a picture or artefact that connects with your personal beliefs or faith tradition’s teaching about any aspect of the theme and how you connect with it. No one is expected to `prepare’ something to `present’ or to speak; and you may prefer to share silently the exploration and celebration of our different faiths. Our Faithshare meeting are not designed to be intellectual, academic discussions, but an exploration of our own and each others’ beliefs, traditions and practices in a respectful, safe and friendly environment. Everyone is welcome to join us for Faithshare meetings and it would be good to welcome some new faces as well as more familiar ones; so do invite your friends and neighbours to attend with you.

Faith in Lancaster is holding its next Faithshare meeting on Wednesday 19 April at 7.30pm. The theme for the meeting will be ‘Nationalism, Patriotism and Faith’.

We have in mind to discuss how people’s faith can help them to have a sense of belonging in the country of which they are a citizen. This may be different from the land of their birth and the indigenous faith of that country may have inspired their own faith. How can people reconcile these influences in their lives and how can faith and nationalism work together beneficially.

This meeting provides an opportunity to meet together in a safe and respectful space in which to share and learn about each other’s beliefs, understandings, experiences, traditions and practices. This is being held in the William Stout Room, Quaker Meeting House, Lancaster, LA1 1TX. For further information, email

The theme this month is “Life after Death?”

Please join us to discuss this interesting and often confusing topic, even within the same faith there can be differing views.

We will be meeting as usual at The Friends Meeting House, in Lancaster at 7:30pm


Faithshare February 2017

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The February faithshare meeting in February was attended by 7 people. Five of these were Christian, which is unusual for these meetings as there were many members from other faiths who could not attend this time.

The difference between fasting bu choice or through famine hit home to us and the purpose of fasting to turn us from our physical towards our spiritual needs was emphasised through reading and discussion. We were saddened that there was no Muslim presence as it would have enriched our thinking to hear more of the strong Islamic practice of fasting.