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We will be holding a faithshare event at The Friends Meeting House on Thursday 26th March.

The topic will be “Why Share our Faiths?”

We have been coming together now over several years on a monthly basis sharing our faiths with each other. So it must be important to us!

Perhaps now we have a better sense of what we get out of this, why we think it is important to meet with people from other faiths and exchange views. Does it help us with our own Faith to hear others who also have deeply felt Faith? Do we feel that through sharing we are enabling ourselves to better understand our own Faith?

All are welcome to join us. We start at 7:30pm and usually continue to around 9pm

Tuesday 18th February, 7.30 p.m.,

Room 3, Friends Meeting House

(Meeting House Lane, Lancaster, LA1 1TX)

The theme of this Faithshare will be `Love’.

What is love and what does it mean to us? How do we experience love, express love, demonstrate love? How do our different faith traditions define and exemplify love? Come along and join our sharing of our thoughts and feelings, our experiences; bring a poem, a piece of writing or music, a picture, an artefact; or simply come and share with your presence as part of the group.

If you have any ideas about themes/topics for future Faithshare meetings, please do let us have your suggestions.

Given below is information about forthcoming events and ongoing groups and meetings in

Next Faithshare Meeting:

WHEN? – Monday 20th, starting 7.30 pm.

WHERE? – Room 2, Quaker Meeting House, Lancaster.

WHAT THEME? –“The Importance of Empathy and Compassion
in our Spiritual Traditions”

As usual, everyone is welcome and invited to share in whatever way is right for you – by speaking, sharing a text, a picture or music that exemplifies or illustrates the theme, or simply by being part of the group experiencing our empathy and compassion for each other and for the world.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday 15th November, starting 7.30 pm., and will be held in Room 2, Quaker Meeting House, Lancaster. [Please note, this is NOT the date provisionally agreed at our last Faithshare meeting; but is the date on which a suitable room was available at the Quaker Meeting House for us to book for our meeting.]

Our topic will be “Celebrating Faithshare”. It will be an opportunity to reflect upon the topics we have explored during past Faithshare meetings, to explore possible themes for future Faithshare meetings and to consider other activities, events and ways to reach more people in various faith traditions and in the wider community more generally. Bring your ideas and suggestions with you – or if you aren’t able to attend this Faithshare but have some ideas for us to consider, send them to me by email before the 15th November.

This Faithshare meeting will also be an opportunity for us to celebrate with the sharing of food; so please bring vegetarian snacks and non-alcoholic drinks to share.


October Faithshare Meeting `The Sounds of Silence’ Thursday 18th October, starting 7.30 pm Room 2, Quaker Meeting House, Lancaster

This will be the final Faithshare in our `Faith and the Power of Words’ theme that we have been following during the past months. This final topic of `The Sounds of Silence’ will be exploring the role of meditation, silent prayer and reflection, of listening to `the still, small, inner voice’ in our different faith traditions. We shall share our understandings of the power of faith that goes beyond words, beyond sound, and of the role of silence in our own and each others’ faiths.

May Faithshare


Continuing our theme of Faith and The Power of Words

Words and Music – Tuesday 15th May:

Friends Meeting House, Room 2, 7:30pm start

Poetry and Songs, Hymns, Chant, Rhythm and Rhyme

April Faithshare


This month we begin a new cycle of discussions on:-

Faith and The Power of Words
Exploring the ways in which different faith traditions use words, language, sounds and silence

Sacred Language, Sacred Texts – Monday 16th April:

Friends Meeting House Room 2, 7:30pm Start

Prayers and Blessings; words of meaning that shape our daily lives.

March Faithshare


Faith and Air – Thursday 15th March:

Friends Meeting House Room 2, 7:30pm start

The last of our four Faithshares on the theme of Faith and the Elements; an opportunity to share how our faith traditions and our personal faiths connect with Air.

January, Thursday 19th January, 7.30 p.m, Meeting Room 2, Quaker Meeting House, Lancaster.

Continuing our exploration of `Faith and the Elements’, our January Faithshare will focus on `Faith and Water’.  What is the role of water in our different faith beliefs, traditions and practices?  How does water connect with our personal faith and spiritual lives?
As always, how we explore the theme is deliberately kept open to wide and flexible interpretation.  We welcome your contributions in sharing prayers, poems, songs, artwork and artefacts, reflections, stories and traditions, personal recollections; and especially your presence in joining with us, sharing the space and the spiritual connections within the group. Please do come along if you can.

Monday 12th December, starting at 7.30 p.m., Room 2, Friends Meeting House, Lancaster.

We shall be starting our exploration of the `Faith and the Elements’ theme, with a focus on `Faith and Fire’. What roles (if any) does Fire play in the beliefs, stories, traditions and practices of our various faith traditions?  What is the symbolic relationship between Fire and the Divine or the spiritual in our faiths?  Does reflecting or meditating upon the elements (Air, Water, Fire & Earth) and upon Fire, in particular, assist us in drawing closer to our sense of the Divine in our personal faiths and lives?