Our next Faithshare will be on

Monday 12th June

Starting at 7.30 p.m

In Room 1, Quaker Meeting House, Lancaster, LA1 1TX

Our theme for this Faithshare is:

“Exploring Faith Through Reading (and Writing?) Novels, Poetry and Plays”

Janet Reeves, whose reflections on reading and writing fiction inspired this theme has suggested these thoughts about the theme

“When reading novels, plays or poetry we engage intimately with the author’s thoughts. Through the scenarios and characters created we share the writer’s exploration into the deep experiences and ultimate concerns of life. They may affirm our own Faith; challenge it; or introduce us to different Faiths and ways of making sense of the world in which we live. Please, join us, as we share works of literature which have led us to a deeper enjoyment and understanding of the mysteries of life and influenced our faith.”

As always, you may wish to share a short reading of a poem or passage from a piece of fictional writing that has affected your faith in some way; or simply reflect upon literature that has done so. No one is expected to `prepare’ something to `present’ or to speak; and you may prefer to share silently the exploration and celebration of the theme from the perspectives of our different faiths in a respectful, safe and friendly environment.