Faith in Lancaster

invites you to join us at its


at 7pm followed by


with guest speaker Margaret Lyth

at 7.30pm

on Tuesday 15th June 2010

in the


at The Friends Meeting House, Lancaster

Come along and participate in the AGM,

have your say on how the faith traditions can help Lancaster make the transition to a sustainable future

and enjoy vegetarian refreshments.

Margaret Lyth is one of the founder members of Transition City Lancaster and she has agreed to tell us her story about how she got involved in this grass roots movement and why her faith in our ability to change to a more sustainable future has given her the energy to keep working towards one.
It is a story about inner change and how the outer environment and the continuing financial and environmental crises we find ourselves in are connected with how we have lost touch with the spiritual roots that shape our lives. To have faith in transition is to have a deep appreciation for the belief that it is possible for us to change.
Over the next thirty years, perhaps even less, our society is facing the biggest threat to its existence that mankind has ever faced. The inevitable depletion of oil reserves and the threat to the diversity of species on this planet combined with moving past the tipping point in various balanced climate systems must be seen as indicators that we need to change our ways. If we ignore the warnings and try to continue our present way of life then the situation will only get worse.
But what is it that has brought these crises upon us? Our lack of appreciation for our connection to each other, to every creature in creation, to the great religious traditions that have taught us about our connection to all that truly exists. Only when we have faith in something greater than our mundane selves will we be able to face up to the fact that there is a way forward for us – that we can overcome these tremendous challenges. But we need to work together, in a spirit of co-operation and willingness to act for the benefit of others in our locality and for the benefit of the animals and plants we share life with. It is a message of hope and one that we all need to hear.

Vegetarian refreshments will be provided at the end of the evening

(Community Grant funding provided by Local Strategic Partnership)