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Idea for December Faithshare Event – What do you think of the idea of holding a Faithshare Bring and Buy, Swap and Share, Trash ‘n’ Treasure, Gift Fayre or the like in December? This would be a way of raising some funds for Faith in Lancaster and/or a local charity, whilst giving us all an opportunity to rid ourselves of unwanted `clutter’, pick up gifts or things we need from the things other people have discarded (“one person’s trash is another person’s treasure” and “there’s no such thing as rubbish; just stuff that hasn’t found the right home yet”). So far this is just an idea, and I would be grateful for your thoughts on whether this is something you would like to attend and, perhaps, help organise (either in the planning stage, or `on the day’ or both); or if you have an idea for something else you would rather see us do for Faithshare in December.

Faith in Lancaster Faithshare Event for Interfaith Week


Thursday 24th November

at 7.30 p.m.

William Stout Room

Friends Meeting House, Lancaster

(LA1 1TX)

An opportunity for you to bring Artwork and Artefacts that reflect your faith tradition and/or have personal significance for your own faith.  A Faithshare where we can share in `show and tell’ sessions, learn more about each others’ faith traditions through their relationship with art, and enjoy the display of beautifu and meaningful artworks, artefacts, designs and textiles.
After the Faithsare, a sharing of vegetarian refreshments – contributions welcome.

Our next Faithshare meeting will be on Thursday 27th October. It will be held in Room 2, Quaker Meeting House, Lancaster and the meeting will start at 7.30 p.m. Room 2 is on the ground floor, through the door at the far end of the entrance hall and is wheelchair accessible.

We did not agree a topic for this meeting at our last Faithshare, and we have now completed the series of topics within the `Life Cycle’ theme. We have a couple of suggestions for themes to cover a series of future Faithshare meetings: one is `Words’, with different Faithshare meetings to explore poetry and songs, praises and homages, stories, teachings and sermons etc; another is `Faith and The Elements’, a series of 4 Faithshares, one each on fire/air/water/earth (or the 4 `holy creatures’ mentioned above of sun/wind/water/soil).

I would like to suggest that we use our Faithshare meeting on 27th October to consider these two themes, also any other themes that anyone would like to suggest (either at the meeting itself or, in advance, by sending me an email with your suggestion) and reaching an agreement on future theme or themes. It could also be a space for us to do a kind of `spiritual stocktaking’ – to remember what we have explored and shared and learnt over the past year-and-a-bit of regular monthly Faithshare meetings and other Faith in Lancaster events; and perhaps also to discuss in more detail what we would like to see or contribute to in the `Faith and Art’ Faithshare event for Interfaith Week in November. I hope that you will be able to come to the Faithshare on the 27th and participate in deciding on what we would like future Faithshares to cover and how we want to explore these themes and topics.