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Faith in Lancaster AGM 2013 – We are thinking of doing things a little differently this year, with the AGM on June 27th and a separate recital event in July for those who enjoy the entertainment side of our yearly gathering.

WHEN? – Thursday June 27th, starting 7.30 pm – 9-30pm

WHERE? – William Stout Room, Quaker Meeting House, Lancaster.

There will be a discussion, led by the current Chair, Tony Haslam, with contributions by each of the members of the current Executive Committee, on the aims and objectives of Faith in Lancaster for the coming year. Next year’s Executive Committee needs clear guidance from all the members and interested parties so that they can plan to achieve these aims.

It is essential that, if you have a personal interest in following a faith in the Lancaster area, you should attend this meeting so that you can express your opinions and ideas about what a body such as Faith in Lancaster can offer to you by way of support for your own faith and for your own community.

After the discussion we will then ask for names to be put forward to take on roles within the Exec Committee from people who wish to carry out the agreed aims and objectives for the coming year. Please consider if you, yourself, would be able to take on some role, however minor!

We look forward to seeing you there.

Please also bring with you some food and soft drinks to share so that we can enjoy socialising from 9:00 – 9:30pm.

Next Faithshare Meeting:

WHEN? – Monday 20th, starting 7.30 pm.

WHERE? – Room 2, Quaker Meeting House, Lancaster.

WHAT THEME? –“The Importance of Empathy and Compassion
in our Spiritual Traditions”

As usual, everyone is welcome and invited to share in whatever way is right for you – by speaking, sharing a text, a picture or music that exemplifies or illustrates the theme, or simply by being part of the group experiencing our empathy and compassion for each other and for the world.