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Food, Faith & Friendship

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Sunday 20th November 3pm – 5pm

The William Stout Room, Friends Meeting House, Lancaster.

Faith in Lancaster’s event for Interfaith Week, jointly organised and facilitated with the Lancaster and Morecambe City of Sanctuary group, is an opportunity for us to meet people from other faith traditions and cultural backgrounds, to extend friendship to each other and to newcomers in our midst, to share food and discuss its significance, and share in prayers and blessings from each others’ faith traditions.

We invite you to come along and bring your friends and neighbours. Everyone is welcome to this “Bring and Share” event. Please bring vegetarian savoury or sweet snack foods to share. If these foods have a significance in your faith tradition, you might want to talk about their significance. You might also want to bring a small artefact, a short reading or a picture that is significant in your faith tradition and to share the significance for your faith. Perhaps there is a prayer or blessing from your faith tradition, either one that is said over food, or one that focuses upon friendship, that you would like to share with everyone at this event. Food, Faith and Friendship – Everyone welcome!

There is no admission charge to the event, but donations will be welcomed, which will be shared between Faith in Lancaster and also the City of Sanctuary group for the support of the refugees in our area.

We have heard that refugee families of women and children have now begun to arrive in Lancaste, joining some men that arrived earlier this year and the East Meets West group are providing welcome and support for them. They and The Lancaster and Morecambe City of Sanctuary group would be grateful for donations of new and also used but in good condition winter clothing for the refugees, including hats, scarves, gloves, boots, warm and waterproof jackets and coats. For further details of what is required (sizes, etc) and information about where to take donations of clothing (or money donations toward cost of clothing) please contact

If you want to help publicising this event please download the poster food-and-faithshare201116 and print it off to place it in your window or in your local shop window.

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MONDAY 17TH October.  Starting at 7.30 pm in Room 2, Quaker Meeting House, Lancaster.
This month the topic is “Creation Stories: How do they Impact on our Faiths and Lives?”
All are welcome to join us and join in the discussion. As always with our Faith Share events the meeting is very informal with some people bringing something along that they have prepared to read out or spark discussion and others just coming along without anything prepared.
Whatever your faith and even with no particular faith tradition you are made equally welcome.