Our next Faithshare will be on

Thursday 18th May

Starting at 7.30 p.m

In Room 1,

Quaker Meeting House, Lancaster, LA1 1TX

The theme chosen is “Does Faith require an Understanding of God”, a title which invites reflection upon our own individual and our different faith traditions’ approaches to the theme. What does `faith’ mean to us? What do we mean by an `understanding’ – is it possible for humans to even presume an `understanding’ of God? And does our faith require a `God’? (not all faith traditions do).

As always, you may wish to share a short reading, perhaps a prayer or a reflection from your faith tradition; or a picture or artefact that connects with your personal beliefs or faith tradition’s teaching about any aspect of the theme and how you connect with it. No one is expected to `prepare’ something to `present’ or to speak; and you may prefer to share silently the exploration and celebration of our different faiths. Our Faithshare meeting are not designed to be intellectual, academic discussions, but an exploration of our own and each others’ beliefs, traditions and practices in a respectful, safe and friendly environment. Everyone is welcome to join us for Faithshare meetings and it would be good to welcome some new faces as well as more familiar ones; so do invite your friends and neighbours to attend with you.