‘Faith in Lancaster’ was formed in 2008 to develop relationships between individuals who are practising members of various and diverse faith communities within the Lancaster area.

We welcome all practitioners, whatever their tradition or religious allegiance, to join together in seeking to develop our appreciation for the rich diversity of spirituality this wonderful twenty-first century offers to the people of Lancaster.

We also welcome those who have no particular allegiance or, indeed, belong to no formal group, but have an interest in bringing their own spiritual development to others so that we all may be enriched and broadened by the sharing of it.

Our Executive Committee is made up of the following members:-

Tony Haslam – Chairperson (Vaishnava)

Liz Lomas –  (Muslim)

Harsha Shukla (Hindu)

Rev. John Reeves – Secretary (Church of England)

Janet Reeves ( Church of England)

Leigh Humpage (Jewish)