What is faith? To many people who belong to a ‘faith group’ a definition may come easily. If you are a Christian your faith is in Christ. If you are a Muslim your faith is in the five pillars of Islam.

But if you do not belong to any particular religious tradition you may still feel that you have faith. Faith in the strength of family bonds. Faith in a nation. Faith in the brotherhood of man.

There are many aspects to faith. Without faith in something we would find it difficult to place any sort of value on our activities and our belongings.

Yet faith can be a source of conflict and confusion. How much suffering has been brought into the world through misunderstanding and ignorance of someone else’s faith?

For one person’s faith may appear to be a cause of upset to another. It may cause offense. It may threaten. It may deny the very foundations of another’s faith.

By learning how to respect another’s faith we may learn to appreciate our own vulnerability. By developing a love for the richness of diversity we may learn to break down our own limited understanding and grow taller in our own humanity.

For faith is at the very essence of our humanity and has enriched people’s lives since man first walked upon the planet. Let us not lose faith now, for our very future may depend upon it. Let us examine our faith; be honest with each other; be joyful with each other; be open with each other. Then perhaps we may all move forward together into a brighter future.

What have we got to lose?