Faith and the Elements

Faith and Fire – Monday 12th December 2011: Starting our exploration and sharing of the ways in which our different faith traditions connect with the elements.  What is the symbolic role of fire in our faith traditions?  How do our traditions use fire in worship and ritual?

Faith and Water – Thursday 19th January 2012:  Continuing our voyage of discovery and sharing the connections between faith and the elements.  Water is very significant in many religions and faith traditions, both symbolically and in the practice of our faiths.

Faith and Earth – Wednesday 15th February:  This Faithshare will be part of Interfaith Harmony Week.  Faith in Lancaster will be hosting a Faithshare event to celebrate the connections between our Faiths and Earth as an element and Our Planet Earth.

Faith and Air – Thursday 15th March:  The last of our four Faithshares on the theme of Faith and the Elements; an opportunity to share how our faith traditions and our personal faiths connect with Air.

Faith and The Power of Words
Exploring the ways in which different faith traditions use words, language, sounds and silence

Sacred Language, Sacred Texts – Monday 16th April: Prayers and Blessings; words of meaning that shape our daily lives.

Words and Music – Tuesday 15th May: Poetry and Songs, Hymns, Chant, Rhythm and Rhyme

[June Faithshare will be Faith in Lancaster AGM and celebration with Guest Speaker]

Sacred Sounds – Wednesday 18th July: The power of sound, even without `meaning’ – mantras and repeating words, syllables and sounds; using voice without words, drumming, clapping, sounds from harps, whistles, horns,  tambourines, strings and drums.

The Sound of Silence – Thursday 18th October: Meditation and prayer in silence.  Beyond words, beyond sound, listening, stillness.