In many religious traditions prayer is recognized as a powerful way of acting with compassion towards those who are in ill health or who have made the transition to another realm. Through prayer we can feel connected to those we care for and are able to act for their benefit to help relieve their suffering.

Through Faith in Lancaster we offer the facility to pray for members of all faith communities and in particular those whose names are passed to us who are currently experiencing illness or have recently died. In this way we can all add our prayers, through whichever intermediary we choose, to bring benefit to those individuals.

If you have any names you would like to pass on to us, please send them to

Please include some background about the person along with brief details of their health condition if appropriate. You may also send a photograph to allow others to visualise them more clearly.

Names of the Recently Deceased

Anuj Bidve

Anuj Bidje was a student at Lancaster University. He was visiting Manchester over the Christmas period with a group of nine male and female Indian students.

The students were walking through Ordsall from their hotel towards the city centre at about 1:30 a.m. on Boxing Day morning when a man walked across the road and started talking to Mr Bidve.

Moments later he produced a gun and shot him at close range in the side of the head.

The killer and another man fled on foot towards Asgard Drive and the Ordsall housing estate.

Anuj Bidve, who was studying for a postgraduate qualification in micro-electronics, was taken to hospital where he died a short time later.

Please keep him in your prayers.